365betok: Wu Dajing is more looking forward to the future competition

According to 365betok Sports . On the last day of the men’s 1000-meter race, only Ren Ziwei played for the Chinese team. From the first quarter of the final, he showed courage to fight, not affected by opponent fouls, successfully to the first group promotion, semi-finals, he also to the second group A finals smoothly.

365betok: Wu Dajing
365betok: Wu Dajing

In the finals of Group A in which six players participated, Ren Ziwei rushed fiercely and was in the leading position. After that, however, the South Korean team used tactics to overtake and close the line. Ren Ziwei was disturbed and finally ranked sixth.

Asked why the final was so fierce, Ren Ziwei said: “Because this world championship is the last competition, and the last one on the last day, I think for myself, you must have confidence in yourself first.”

Speaking of the results of this World Championship, he said: “I think last year I may still be around 1/4 (final) level, but this year you can see, World Cup or World Championship, I am in the final, or Final A or Final B level, I think this is a progress! I think next year will be better.

Wu Dajing, who suffered a fall accident on the second day of the competition, also has his own feelings about the competition. “Through this competition, I feel my level is still in the final position, which makes me more confident and motivated. So what I’m looking forward to is next year and the next two years. It’s getting closer and closer to the Olympic Games. Actually, as you said, this year was a transition for me at first.

For this World Championship, Li Yan, head coach of China Short Track Speed Skating Team and chairman of China Skating Association, sees more of its own problems, of course. “There are many shortcomings in this team, but we also have confidence in ourselves and know the direction of our efforts, so I hope our team can take this opportunity, dare to take on, dare to fight, to challenge themselves, and do better in this regard.” She told reporters.