365bet Sports:Wu Leixian’s Losing an opportunity could have killed the game

According to 365bet Sports ,The more confident performance, the more coquettish running, the opening nine minutes, the wonderful header assists helped the Spaniard win the fantastic opening in Bilbao. After joining La Liga in Game 6, Wu Lei set a new record for Chinese players in La Liga. After starting, playing the whole game and scoring goals, Wu Lei filled the gap of assists. At the same time, this is Wu Lei’s third away game after joining La Liga. His performance is also rising steadily. From 15 minutes as a substitute to 71 minutes as a starter, Wu Lei only got a low score. Then he scored his first goal and now sent an assistant. He got a precious point for the Spaniard. After joining the Spaniard, he has kept a perfect record in all six La Liga matches.

365bet Sports:Wu Leixian
365bet Sports:Wu Leixian

In this battle, Wu Lei wasted two excellent scoring opportunities, just as he overtime in the same time, excellent players, coquettish running position, but sometimes a foot on the door is regrettable. Despite the early dedication of assists, but then missed a good chance for the Spaniard to lock in the winning game, so that the Blue and White Legion won four months later, 12 away games after the first hope of victory vanished. At the same time, Wu Lei also missed the record keeping by Zheng Zhi and Yang Chen of the offensive data of Chinese players in the five leagues. Zheng Zhi of 2007 was the last Chinese player to deliver a single shot in the five leagues, and Yang Chen of 2000 scored in succession in the five leagues.

Coach Ruby gave Wulei only 60 minutes to play. The reason was explained by the news conference after the match. Although the coach praised Wulei’s performance, he also emphasized the tactical needs of the team in the last half hour. It’s Ruby who is too conservative. Considering Wu Lei’s physical fitness, he’ll be able to retain his strength against Sevilla at home next Sunday. Compared with being a reserve player at first, Wu Lei’s inadequacies in front of the door will certainly be more noticeable after he has become the undoubted starting point for the Spaniard’s attack.

Wu Lei played 374 minutes in La Liga, 11 shots except one hit the door frame, only two shots were directed, scored one goal, and missed the target eight times. This means that Wulei’s shooting target rate is only 27%, which is far below the average value of the first-class strikers in La Liga. Of these 11 shots, 8 were on the right foot and 3 were on the head, of which only one shot was in the right direction, and only one shot on the right foot was in the right direction in eight shots. The shooting accuracy was lower than 12.5%. For Wu Lei, who is not very tall, his right foot is his best scoring position. Unfortunately, his efficiency is also lower.

The Catalan media and fans questioned Wu Lei, the most dangerous attacker, who was replaced 60 minutes earlier. Indeed, after Wu Lei left the field in the last half hour, the Spaniard’s attack was basically dumb, Bilbao Athletics was able to attack with all strength and eventually equalized in the 80th minute. However, considering that the Spaniard’s tactics at that time will be mainly defensive counterattack, as before against Valencia, Wu Lei’s role in the front field will be greatly limited, the replacement of Puado has physical advantages, especially the defensive end, after all, the Spaniard is less than Dadel and David Lopez’s two main defensive forces.